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        国际户外家具 RATTAN-LINE 品牌与理念


        RATTAN-LINE Outdoor has over 10 years of design and manufacture experience of high and outdoor furniture. We have worked with many mediums and mastered many materials, including  sunberlla fabric (U.S.A)  Rehau fiber (germany)  Batyline.(italy) Texiline These materials are the backbone of our furniture, and are very much like our company: strong, sturdy, solid and reliable.

        RATTAN -LINE 品牌有着超过10年的设计和生产高质量的、户外家具的经验。我们已经和许多材料商合作过并且掌握了许多材料的应用,如 美国进口布料 (sunbrella )、德国藤(Rehua ) 印尼进口藤 (Viro),意大利特斯林网布 。这些材料是我们家具的支柱框架,同时这就如我们公司:强壮、坚固、可靠和值得信赖。


        We focuses on creating outdoor furniture of unique design and unparalleled quality. Based in Sydney and created by two brothers, it's easy to see that their inspiration comes from the vibrant and cosmopolitan city they call home. With over 10 years of experience and a wide choice of  Outdoor  Furniture has something to suit any landscape or climate, outside as well as inside.

        我们专注于生产独一无二设计和高性价比的户外家具。其总部在美国亚特大,不难看出我们的灵感来源于那个他们称之为家的充满活力和世界性的城市。有着超过10年经验的生产  RATTAN LINE OUTDOOR 的户外家具可以在不同的地形和气候、室外以及室内的各个环境中进行搭配和使用。

        RATTAN -LINE Outdoor only produces quality design concepts from the highest quality materials and mediums. The materials used in our designs are specifically selected by our design team to ensure a unique, durable, and high quality product.

        RATTAN-LINE OUTDOOR 的户外家具只生产、且设计概念都来源于高质量的材料和配料中。我们设计中选用的材料都是经过我们设计团队的精心挑选的,以确保生产出来的产品具有独特、耐用和高质量的产品。